Adam Ruins Everything

May 27 2016

Adam Ruins Summer

Don't let summer vacation make you dumber! Here are the sources behind all of the surprising new facts presented during the Adam Ruins Everything "Adam Ruins Summer" marathon that aired on truTV on May 24.

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Jun 28 2016

Adam Ruins Americana

Here's something to talk about at your July 4th cookout: the facts behind everything we take for granted on Independence Day, as presented during the Adam Ruins Everything "Adam Ruins Americana" marathon that aired on truTV on June 28.

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Aug 16 2016

Adam Ruins Sports

Is there a real difference between winning and losing? Why do athletes sometimes bite their medals? Why are sports so popular anyway? Go for the gold in knowledge with the facts behind the Adam Ruins Everything "Adam Ruins Sports" marathon that aired on truTV on August 16.

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Aug 28 2016

Adam Ruins Football

Adam hits the gridiron – hard – to tackle why playoffs almost never determine which team is best, how myths about hydration are putting kids at risk and why the game must change due to football-related brain injuries.

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Sep 04 2016

Adam Ruins Weddings

Dearly beloved, we are gathered here to watch Adam pull back the veil on how the wedding industry overcharges couples, why soul-mates are statistically impossible and why divorce is actually good for society. Any objections?

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Sep 11 2016

Adam Ruins Malls

Join Adam Conover for a shopping spree of knowledge through malls created as tax loopholes for greedy developers to pick up the truth about outlet stores, nutrient supplements and eyeglasses manufacturers.

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Sep 18 2016

Adam Ruins Animals

In this episode, Adam reveals how purebred dogs are genetic monsters, domesticated cats are overpopulated killing machines and wild animal trophy hunting can actually help endangered species.

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Sep 25 2016

Adam Ruins Immigration

Adam breaks through the wall of election year rhetoric to illustrate how a border wall wouldn’t keep out illegal immigrants who overstay their visas, how racist mass deportations have historically led to disaster and why immigration courts are a huge mess.

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Oct 02 2016

Adam Ruins Housing

In this episode, Adam evicts our misconceptions by revealing how homes are terrible investments, why housing share programs hurt city dwellers and how trying help the homeless can make the problem worse.

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Dec 04 2016

Adam Ruins the Internet

Log on to a magical technological journey as Adam shows how smartphones aren’t really society-killers, why Americans pay big for the worst internet speed in the world and how “free” sites are actually costly.

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