Adam Ruins Americana

Jun 28 2016

Here's something to talk about at your July 4th cookout: the facts behind everything we take for granted on Independence Day, as presented during the Adam Ruins Everything "Adam Ruins Americana" marathon that aired on truTV on June 28.


"There were actually multiple riders, but we only remember Revere."

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 "[Cars in the next lane aren't moving faster, it's] an optical illusion caused by the fact that it takes longer to be passed than it does to pass someone."

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"[Lawn signs make] almost NO difference in the outcome of the election."

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"Rutherford B. Hayes, got the presidency in 1876 even though he didn't win the popular OR the electoral vote."

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"The U.S. started printing the motto on our paper money in 1957, largely to prove we were different than the 'godless communists'."

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"George Washington didn't have wooden teeth."

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 "Star Spangled Banner", wasn't the original name of the song, an anti-war song about a war no one remembers, and the tune was lifted from popular music at the time."

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