Adam Ruins Everything

Oct 11 2015

Adam Ruins Cars

In this episode, Adam revealed the surprising truths behind car dealerships, unearthed the dirty little secrets of car ownership, explained how auto manufacturers turned "jaywalking" into a crime and much more.

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Oct 18 2015

Adam Ruins Forensic Science

In this episode, Adam investigated the truth about lie detectors, fingerprint analysis, eyewitness testimony and much more. Here are the sources he used.

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Oct 25 2015

Adam Ruins Restaurants

In this episode, Adam uncovered the hidden truths of dining out, including why tipping is a custom we should ditch, the fact that experts can't tell the difference between cheap and expensive wine and why seafood fraud is rampant in the restaurant industry.

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Nov 01 2015

Adam Ruins Hygiene

In this episode, Adam exposed the dirty secrets lurking in our bathrooms, including how ad campaigns made us insecure about our breath, why flushable wipes aren't really flushable, how running water is a miracle of the modern age and much more.

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Nov 08 2015

Adam Ruins Voting

In this episode, Adam explored the twisted history of the Electoral College, explained why the Founding Fathers didn't want most Americans to vote, revealed the undemocratic nature of felony disenfranchisement and gerrymandering and suggested how to fix a political system that seems rigged against true democracy.

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Nov 15 2015

Adam Ruins Work

In this episode, Adam revealed how the 40-hour work week not only exhausts employees and but actually harms businesses; demonstrated that if you are working as a freelancer or an intern, your workplace is probably illegally taking advantage of you; and showed how discussing how much you make with your co-worker is actually a healthy thing for you and for the workplace.

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Nov 29 2015

Adam Ruins Summer Fun

In this episode, Adam revealed that summer vacation makes you dumber, everyone's favorite animated rodent has altered our copyright rules for the worse and the only reason we think of videogames as being for boys is because of decades of marketing.

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Dec 06 2015

Adam Ruins Sex

In this episode, Adam explained that circumcision was popularized by a bunch of 19th-century prudes in an effort to curb masturbation, that no one should worry about whether or not they have herpes and why the term "pop your cherry" is a whole bunch of nonsense.

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Dec 13 2015

Adam Ruins Nutrition

In this episode, Adam explained why vitamin supplements don't make us healthier and showed us the weird history behind the idea that they do, revealed that the balanced breakfast that advertisers push down our throats is anything but balanced and told us how due to faulty research and credulous reporters, much of the nutrition science reported on by the media isn't science at all.

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Dec 20 2015

Adam Ruins Death

In this episode, Adam explained that death is inevitable and that that reality must be accepted, showed why immortality is nothing but a fantasy, revealed that the American funeral industry is a racket that exploits mourner's grief and fear of death and demonstrated how if you don't accept death, you can make terrible medical decisions that ruin what life you have left.

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