Adam Ruins Death

Dec 20 2015

In this episode, Adam explained that death is inevitable and that that reality must be accepted, showed why immortality is nothing but a fantasy, revealed that the American funeral industry is a racket that exploits mourner's grief and fear of death and demonstrated how if you don't accept death, you can make terrible medical decisions that ruin what life you have left. Here are his sources.


"Back in 210 BC, the first emperor of China took an overdose of what he thought were 'immortality' pills."

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"And during the ninth century, an alchemist brewing an immortality potion accidentally invented something horrible [gunpowder]."

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"Embalming is the least respectful thing you can do to a body. The jaw is wired shut and the eyes are sealed with glue. The internal organs are punctured and drained through a hole in the abdomen. The arteries are pumped full of formaldehyde, and the body cavities are packed with cotton."

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"The World Health Organization states that dead bodies pose practically no health risks to the living."

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"If you can’t face having an honest conversation about death with your doctor, you can end up chasing unnecessary treatments that don’t do much to prolong your life, but just make your last days less bearable."

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"That's why in La Crosse, 96% of patients who pass on have participated in advanced care planning, signed an end of life care directive, and received the treatment they desired."

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Mistakes Were Made: from the radio series This American Life, this episode recalls the tragicomic efforts of Bob Nelson, who attempted to launch a cryonics company in Southern California in the 1960s.

The Order of the Good Death: founded by Caitlin Doughty, this community of progressive funeral industry professionals endeavors to help our death-phobic culture overcome its collective anxiety. Doughty answers viewers’ questions in this video series.

Being Mortal: from public television’s flagship investigative series Frontline, this documentary hosted by surgeon and writer Atul Gawande “explores the intersection of life, death, medicine and what matters in the end."

Watch Adam explain why we must accept the inevitable and how funerals are a total rip-off.