Adam Ruins Everything

Oct 23 2016

Adam Ruins the Election

In this special episode filmed in front of a live audience, Adam brought historical perspective to the 2016 presidential race, revealed amazing stories about past White House occupants and explained why this year’s elections should actually feel familiar, with one exception -- and it’s not Trump.

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Nov 27 2016

Adam Ruins the Wild West

Saddle up for a wild ride through history as Adam reveals how prostitutes actually helped settle the West, why the all-American cowboy is a myth and who (or what) was the real hero of the West.

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Nov 13 2016

Adam Ruins Drugs

In this episode, Adam weeds through the myths of marijuana, exposes the blunt truth about the War on Drugs, and explains how prescription pills are the true gateway drug.

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Nov 20 2016

Adam Ruins Prison

Adam goes behind bars to reveal how corporations make money off of inmates, expose the myth of jail rehabilitation and illustrate why solitary confinement is akin to torture.

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Dec 11 2016

Adam Ruins Justice

In this episode, Adam takes on the justice system, demonstrating why juries simply can’t be impartial and explaining why the prosecution is always better and more well-funded than court-appointed defense lawyers.

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Dec 18 2016

Adam Ruins Christmas

Ho, ho… huh?! In this instant holiday classic, Adam reveals the creepy origins of kindly old Saint Nick, explains why gift-giving is actually bad for the economy and exposes the truth behind beloved holiday traditions.

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Dec 25 2016

Adam Ruins Going Green

In this episode, Adam turns our world upside down as he reveals why the famous “Crying Indian” PSA wasn’t quite what we thought, explores the surprising history behind the concept of “litterbugs” and examines why electric cars and green produces don’t make the positive impact they’re supposed to.

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Jul 09 2017

Adam Ruins Having a Baby

In this episode, Adam enlists the help of top experts to shatter misconceptions about getting pregnant after age 35, uncover the truth about breastfeeding vs formula-feeding and explore what you didn’t know about postpartum depression.

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Oct 04 2015

Adam Ruins Security

In this episode, Adam exposes the security theater of the TSA, tamper-resistant medicine seals, signatures on credit-card receipts and much more.

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Sep 23 2015

Adam Ruins Giving

In the series premiere, Adam tackled the secret history of diamond engagement rings, explained why you should stop giving food pantries your leftover canned goods and much more. Below is the bibliography for the sources he used to dispel your misconceptions.

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