Adam Ruins a Night Out

Aug 21 2019

Adam and Emily prepare for a big night out by revealing the marketing ploy that led to women shaving and the fashion agendas that created pockets. Then, the two friends pour back the truth on alcohol consumption.


"Before the safety razor was invented in the early 1900s, shaving with a straight razor was a DANGEROUS chore! So most men either DIDN’T DO IT, or went to a barber!"

Paul Lukas and Maggie Overfelt. “In his early days the inventor of the razor and the company he built survived many close shaves with financial ruin. But his fame never translated into personal fortune.”Fortune,1 Apr 2003.


“Girl cuts self shaving leg for open stocking.”Seattle Star, 24 May 1920.

"During the silk and nylon rations of World War 2, women went bare-legged and shaved, and smooth-legged pin-up stars were lauded for boosting troop morale!"

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"By 1964, 98% of young women were shaving their legs"

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"And then when the bikini was born in 1946, so was the bikini LINE."

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"And with the rise of porn in the ‘70s, women started getting pressure to go ALL THE WAY bare 'down there.'"

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"As men’s fashions trended away from TIGHTS and more towards something closer to PANTS, two styles emerged."

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"The TYPE of pants you wore were SUCH an indication of class, during the French Revolution, the rebels were known as “Sans-Culottes” --or WITHOUT FANCY PANTS."

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"It was considered UNLADYLIKE to carry anything larger than a teeny, TINY purse."

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"Some women fought back in the late 1800s, wearing extremely baggy pants with pockets as part of the RATIONAL DRESS movement…"

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"In 1954, Christian Dior, one of fashion’s most INFLUENTIAL DESIGNERS, said...'Men have pockets to keep things in, women for decoration.'"

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"Women's pockets were half the size of men's."

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"Fast fashion brands are some of the WORST offenders --they usually put in FAKE POCKETS, claiming the real deal are 'too hard to manufacture!'"

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"The average 3-piece mens' suit has 17 pockets!"

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"Doctors specifically warn that sitting on a BULKY WALLET can REALLY mess up your back, and even cause sciatica."

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"But if the studies had accounted for this skewing effect, the graph would REALLY look like THIS -- showing that there are actually ZERO health advantages to being a moderate drinker."

Tim Stockwell et al. “Do “Moderate” Drinkers Have Reduced Mortality Risk? A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis of Alcohol Consumption and All-Cause Mortality.”Journal on Studies of Alcohol and Drugs77.2 (2016).

"There's NO conclushive ev-dence that antioxidants in winde do ANYTHIN’."

“Alcohol and Cancer Risk.”National Cancer Institute, 13 Sep 2018.

"An’ actually, insteada PREVENTING heart diseases and cancers, alcohol’s been shown to--CAUSE THEM!"

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"Alcohol is GROUP 1 KNOWN carcinogen."

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"In fact, the World Health Organization attributes over half a million cancer deaths PER YEAR to alcohol consumption!"

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"Booze ‘counts for an est’mated 15 PERCENT of breast cancer cases ANNUALLY -- that’s 6,000 DEATHS!"

David E. Nelson et al. “Alcohol-Attributable Cancer Deaths and Years of Potential Life Lost in the United States.”American Journal of Public Health 103.4 (2013).

"Even the habit of drinking just ONE drink per day raises a woman’s breast cancer risk by 7%."

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"Big Booze has spent decades COVERING UP the data with their OWN bad science. Just like BIG TOBACCO used to do with CIGARETTES!"

Stephanie Mencimer. “Did Drinking Give Me Breast Cancer?”Mother Jones, May 2018.

"For instance, in 1994, when the Distilled Spirits Council hired a scientist from tobacco powerhouse Phillip Morris, and paid for a study that DISPUTED the link between alcohol and breast cancer."

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"In fact, Big Booze funds MOST of the studies on alcohol!"

Beth Mole. “‘I don’t f—ing care’: In wooing $67M from big alcohol, NIH nixed critical study.” Are Technica, 3 Apr 2018.

"And Big Booze is SO dedicated to controlling how we perceive drinking in America, they’ve lobbied AGAINST measures that would reduce problem drinking, including warning labels, taxes, and pricing minimums."

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"...number of adults who BINGE DRINK at least once a week could be as high as 30 million."

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Multiple studies have shown that up to HALF of friendships aren’t reciprocal!

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