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Fast Foodies
S1 | E1 Joel McHale 24 min
S1 | E1 Fast Foodies 24 min Expires May 15
The one thing Joel misses the most from his Midwestern childhood stomping grounds is the Chicago-style wiener. Nuclear-neon green relish, poppy seeded bun and all. The wiener heat is on! ..More
Fast Foodies
S1 | E2 Bobby Lee 24 min
S1 | E2 Fast Foodies 24 min Expires May 15
There's only one thing that can get Bobby Lee to leave the house before 3pm and that is a sausage muffin with egg. Which chef will channel their inner fast-food clown and pull off the best recreation of a breakfast classic? ..More
Fast Foodies
S1 | E3 GaTa 24 min
S1 | E3 Fast Foodies 24 min Expires May 15
Professional hype man and rapper GaTa turns up the heat in the kitchen with a delicious and tropical pizza challenge for our three chefs. ..More
Fast Foodies
S1 | E4 James Van Der Beek 24 min
S1 | E4 Fast Foodies 24 min Expires May 15
It's time to take a journey down memory lane with the ultimate 90s teenage heartthrob, James Van Der Beek, as he challenges our chefs to recreate then remix a delectable iconic Californian burger. ..More
Fast Foodies
S1 | E5 Amanda Seales 24 min New
S1 | E5 Fast Foodies 24 min Expires May 15
All Amanda Seals can taco 'bout is this delicious fast-food concoction. Our three chefs will attempt to recreate this taco-adjacent treat in hopes of walking away with the Chompionship trophy and bragging rights of blowing Amanda's mind. ..More