Matt Malloy as Leslie

Matt Malloy, an actor and wannabe writer, has bored his family and friends with his half-baked screenplay ideas for years. As such, he is staggered by the talent of the writers on At Home with Amy Sedaris. This is Matt and Amy's second marriage. Sadly, their first ended abruptly when Amazon cancelled Alpha House before Matt had fully renovated his kitchen. Best known for playing bald guys who lack a spine, Matt has masterfully moved the plot forward in many films including Hitch (best residuals), Morning Glory (best stunts), and Election (best movie). Matt is thrilled to be married to Amy for a second time and even more thrilled to dress up as Peggy Lee for money. When Matt is not working (which is a lot, I mean like waaay too much) he enjoys making his wife laugh, writing about himself in third person for TV bios and sitting on the cough with his dog Rug.