Adam Ruins Everything Archive

Apr 15 2018

Reanimated History: The Copernican Ruin-aissance

In this episode, Adam explains why our understanding of the Renaissance is off, including the story of Copernicus, the unsung figure who changed medical science forever and the country that created our most destructive economic forces.

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Apr 01 2018

Reanimated History: Mutually Assured Ruination

In this episode, Adam drops a truth bomb on the history of the Cold War, and the only fallout is knowledge about the Cuban Missile Crisis, the overlooked hero of the McCarthy era and who’s really responsible for the Berlin Wall coming down.

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Mar 25 2018

Reanimated History: The First Factsgiving

In this episode, Adam digs into misconceptions as old as pumpkin pie about Native Americans, including the truth about the first Thanksgiving, Pocahontas and John Smith and more.

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Nov 25 2017

Adam Ruins the Future

In this episode, Adam explains how unregulated food expiration dates leads to waste, why your 401(k) won’t be enough to support your retirement and how the future is unpredictable.

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Nov 22 2017

Adam Ruins Halloween

In this episode, Adam goes trick-or-treating for the truth behind myths and misconceptions like candy poisoned by strangers, the legendary War of the Worlds radio broadcast and psychics who claimed to communicate with the dead.

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Oct 29 2017

Adam Ruins Science

In this episode, Adam investigates the truth behind experiments on mice, reveals how scientific research is funded and talks about how many results can’t be replicated.

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