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Peeling Back the Hacks

Peeling Back the Hacks

Thanks so much for tuning in to the latest episode of Hack My Life with yours truly and the wonderful Mr. Kevin Pereira.

I'd like to start off this post by letting you know more about my level of dedication to the hacks we try out: I often risk life and limb and am not above being put in harm's way to deliver the ultimate hacking results. Case in point: the watermelon hack you witnessed was beyond dangerous for me as I am allergic to watermelon. I think. I haven't eaten any since I was a kid. It makes my throat kind of itchy and I also just sort of hate the taste and mouth feel of it – cantaloupe, too. Anything in the melon family. Yuck. No, the allergist could not prove I am allergic, but you have to go with your gut on things like this and know deep down in your inflamed auto-immune system that you are right. Anyhow, I once again donned safety goggles and got in there like a champ* and faced (imagined) danger for YOU, the audience. You're welcome!

All bravery aside, let's get to the good stuff and call out some of my favorite hacks from this week:

5. Avocado Stem Hack
I used to go by how squishy an avocado was and that is probably what everyone else does, which why every avocado at the grocery store is manhandled and gross. Stop the madness! If we all just lift the little leftover stem to check the ripeness, everyone wins! I now use this hack every time.

Bonus hack: When you make guacamole and don't want it to oxidize and turn brown, place the guacamole in a bowl, cover it in plastic wrap and push the plastic wrap all the way down so it's squashing the guac. You've essentially shrink-wrapped it, which means air cannot get in and it stays pretty and green. My guacamole stayed bright and appetizing for a full 24 hours.

4. Foil To Move Furniture and Prevent Static Cling
Foil is the shiznit! I have always been a huge fan of this wonder product and I will now have to try it for sliding furniture around since whatever I am currently doing has left gouges in my wood floor.

Winter time is oh so dry and static-y. I keep shocking my dog every time I take off her little sweater. I am definitely going to throw a foil ball into the dryer -- whenever I actually get motivated to head to the laundromat. In New York City, throwing a foil ball into the dryer is the least weird thing that can happen in a public laundry establishment.

3. Wiffle-Ball-Hanging-From-Garage-Ceiling Hack
I'm sure there's a better name for that hack, but I have no clue what it would be. Anyway, this is a really good one since I keep crunching the front of my car against my grill, bikes and plastic tubs full of old CDs. My current system is a little ratchet. I have a 2 x 4 leaning against the left wall of the garage that I try and line up with, and which also serves as protection for my car door against the brick wall. If we have learned anything through this show though, it's that I need a pool noodle for that situation and a wiffle ball for the other.

2. Sticker Removal With Olive Oil & Heat
Nothing makes my blood boil quite like trying to get a cheap, crappy sticker off of something nice like a new decorative vase, dishware or the standing cabinet in my bathroom --- that freaking sticker has been mocking me for months now. I tried a certain adhesive remover but it smelled awful and had "meh" results. I am absolutely going back in there with my hair dryer and some olive oil -- both of which are hack all-stars.

1. Car Door Handle As Bottle Opener
This is a pretty nifty little trick that keeps your parking lot party going strong whether you're rooting for a sports team or pre-gaming before an Eddie Money concert. Like I said, save yourself a trip to the dentist and DO NOT use your teeth to open a bottle, knucklehead -- especially when we've got a multitude of ways to hack into your sweet, sweet booze.

* I can't believe they left out the footage of me roundhouse-kicking a watermelon. It was awesome and I've never felt more alive! I was positive that it was going to make it in. Maybe we will release some bonus scenes of me serving up justice to my arch-nemesis… WATERMELON.

Thanks for watching Hack My Life! Be sure to find me, Brooke Van Poppelen, and Kevin Pereira on Twitter. See you next week!