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Lost and Found Hacks

Lost and Found Hacks

First things first, can someone please find a hack for winter? I was able to escape to California for a little bit to shoot some promos with Kevin, but it almost makes coming back to the cold, gray sludge of the East Coast even worse! If you have a hack for getting through winter, please let me know and I will send it to some scientists who deal with Seasonal Affective Disorder. Blah!

On a cheerier note, Hack My Life was featured on The View this week, and we stormed the castle with a few of our favorite hacks. Whoopi gave us side eye and it was really fun! Watch us here.

That aside, hope you enjoyed the latest Hack My Life! This week's episode was a mighty maelstrom of hacks: I made ice cream in a bag (wow, that sounds like something a depressed person does, for sure), Kevin and his nuts surprised some people at a yard sale and much more!

Here are my favorite hacks from this week:

Walnut to Remove Scratches on Furniture
This is what I was referring to when I mentioned that Kevin surprised some people with his nuts. This walnut trick is the real deal for removing and blurring scratches on wood furniture, or at the very least making them far less noticeable. You literally just rub the scratch with a walnut -- the oils and fat from the nut fill in the scratch and after buffing with a cloth, they vanish!

Vacuum and Pantyhose Hack
This is a great hack if you drop some very small items and need to retrieve them in a cinch. We did this on a gross, shaggy carpet but honestly, it's a helpful trick for any kind of surface and it safely retrieved all of the trinkets and treasures!

Water Bottle to Separate Egg Yolks
For all of our kitchen-savvy hackers, this is a fantastic and easy hack for perfectly separating egg yolks from whites. We all have empty water bottles chilling in our recycling bins, so why not reuse before you recycle? You also get a little rush when you do it, which is weird but totally honest.

Duct Tape Wine Carrier
I don't know how realistic this one is, but it IS clever. I do happen to bike around the city in warm weather and when it's the height of summer, you don't want a backpack on your sweaty, disgusting back. But you DO want to go sit by the river and stare into oblivion while swigging some wine. Just duct-tape some wine glasses, a corkscrew and cheese plate to your bike, too and you're ready to party!

Water Bottle / Pizza Hack
I have said many times that the simplest and smallest hacks are some of my favorites. That's because they fix real problems that we have all encountered at some point or another, and the dreaded pizza topping landslide is one of them. It's so annoying and messy! By simply leveling the box on your car seat, you have solved this problem. Now go switch on truTV and enjoy your evenly distributed pepperoni pizza. You deserve it!

Thanks for watching Hack My Life! Be sure to find me, Brooke Van Poppelen, and Kevin Pereira on Twitter. See you next week!