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Lend Me a Hack

Lend Me a Hack

Hey everybody! Kevin and I are so stoked to be back on your airwaves with an all-new season of life hacks and such! This season has been so fun to watch so far and I hope you've been learning more useful tips and tricks. This week's episode was near and dear to my heart since it involved my old friends chocolate and alcohol. But there was so much more mayhem, so I'm listing my top hacks of the night in no particular order. Or maybe there is an order. Who knows -- just go with it.

Retrieving Jewelry From a Drain
Right out of the gates you witnessed mine and Kevin's relationship literally go down the drain with hacks for retrieving lost jewelry. The wire coat hanger was certainly the more dangerous of the two hacks but the reason I prefer it to Kevin's magnets and string is that it can retrieve your nice jewelry. Yes, of course I've got some cheap stuff, too, and in that scenario, the magnet will scoop it up but you are SOL if you lose a wedding ring or grandma's heirloom broach and try and use magnets.

Stolen Bike Seat Hack
Kevin was just plain hilarious in this segment. First of all, the poor guy had to approach busy strangers in New York City and ask them to "Lend a hack," but the people of this great city were wonderful and went above and beyond to help him not make a mess of his genitals. I had my bike seat stolen last summer (thanks a lot, Brooklyn) and anyone who commutes via bicycle know how insanely angry this makes you. Sure, you could attempt to ride it standing up the whole way, but one false move and there goes your chance of having children. So, the bike helmet used as a seat can get you from point A to B next time a thief tries to ruin your commute.

Banana, Chocolate-Hazelnut Ice Cream
This little culinary gem of a hack was so insanely delicious and a great way to use up what's left of your jar of "chocolate hazelnut spread." Yeah, we can't use brand names but it's a product that sort of rhymes with Coachella. You get it. ANYHOW, I enjoy making smoothies, and cutting up and freezing banana chunks was a game-changing idea in and of itself since I am the queen of throwing away rotten bananas. So there was a hack inside this hack! Taking the frozen bananas and stirring in the "CHS" as I will refer to it, was so effing tasty. Bonus tip: If you are struggling to get a good consistency with your ice cream, you can pour in a little bit of cold half and half or milk until it reaches the smoothness you desire.

Thanks again for tuning in and hope you enjoyed the episode! Follow Kevin on Twitter at @Attack and me, Brooke, at @BVPcomedy