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Hack the Unexpected

Hope you enjoyed the latest episode of Hack My Life! This week's had some fun hacks that I definitely apply to my own life -- and you should, too. So let's get down to business and dig deeper into them:

Manicure Hack
Dunking your fingers into a bowl of ice water sounds like some type of interrogation technique, but no, it's a beauty hack to dry your manicure. This hack technically worked, so even though I was screaming like a little bee-otch, you might want to give it a try if you're in a hurry. The polish set and was smooth in three minutes. I personally will subject myself to that again and want to state for the record that it was already a 19-degree day in New York and I have poor circulation in my hands (what am I, 85?), so my fingers get super, super cold at the drop of the hat. But it might not be so painful for you. Give it a whirl!

Packing Hacks: A Four-Parter
Let's unpack these packing hacks! I travel a lot more these days and getting a system down is really helpful. 

Protecting Your Shoes
I personally don't have extra shower caps just lying around, but start swiping them from hotels during your stay and voila -- you can now cover the bottom of your gross shoes. I also re-use plastic bags or the cloth shopping bags that stores give you these days. Putting dirty shoes on top of your clothing is gnarly, so stop doing that. 

Rolling Your Clothes
This truly works for space reasons and can also reduce wrinkles in certain types of material. It's also a really great activity for people like me who fall on the OCD spectrum. Roll, roll, roll!!!

Dryer Sheet in Suitcase
I love this hack. I put a dryer sheet in the netting on the inside of my suitcase lid to keep things smelling fresh! Also, after you get home from travels, place another fresh one inside your luggage while its being stored. This trick really helps!

Plastic Wrap Under Container Lids
Putting plastic wrap under the caps of your containers is a great extra step to take if you usually pack your toiletries in a bag that you check at the airport. All hell can break loose when baggage is handled and potentially squashed, so you've just given yourself extra protection. Why not double up and also put all of those containers into a sealed plastic baggie? Go buck wild and wrap it up!

(Sidenote: Sometimes, certain employees who work for airports will randomly tear your bag apart as a safety measure. I once opened up my suitcase after I had gotten it off the carousel and my shampoo and lotion caps had purposely not been screwed back on, so my belongings were soaked and smeared with weird stains and smells. But there was a nice little note inside letting me know it had been done in the name of Homeland Security. Needless to say, I was mad. So, another hack to prevent that kind of mess is to always comply to the TSA travel sizes for liquids and carry that stuff onto the plane with you, so you can see it at all times.)

Salad Spinner
Let's be honest: You probably don't remember to use your salad spinner to wash lettuce. And if you're anything like me, you probably don't remember to eat salads either. Soooo, what to do with this goofy little thing your mom gave you for your birthday? Dry your lingerie! In the show, we attempted to dry out bathing suit trunks and the spinner did a pretty decent job. But ladies, do you hand-wash your unmentionables at home and leave them to drip-dry like you're supposed to? I do! (When I'm feeling really motivated, anyhow.) The salad spinner is genius for getting out the extra moisture and it really cuts down on the drying time! However, when you do finally get around to eating a salad, just maybe give the spinner an extra rinse or seven before putting leafy greens in there.

Thanks for watching Hack My Life! Be sure to find me, Brooke Van Poppelen, and Kevin Pereira on Twitter. See you next week!