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An Explosion of Hacks

An Explosion of Hacks

I'd like to think this whole hack craze has really taken off. Thank YOU for being awesome viewers of Hack My Life and participators in our weekly challenges -- Kevin and I love it!

This week's hacks were really fun and even a little crazy. Did you see that shoe planter and stiletto coat rack? I mean, WTF. That hack was crazy and Kevin is always such a funny, good sport about it, which makes this show hilarious.

But let's talk about the many GREAT hacks that really turned it out in Episode 3. My five favorite hacks in no particular order other than numerical:

5. Candle Crayons
I don't have to deal with an annoying roommate (because I was that annoying roommate) these days, but I am a big fan of any type of doomsday prepping, so using crayons as impromptu candles is awesome.

4. Sharpen Your Razor With Denim
Whoa, that sort of threw me for a loop! Apparently running your nicked or dull razor with and against the grain of some blue jeans will sharpen it. That sounds like devil magic to me, but I'll try it!

3. Aerating Wine in a Blender
I have had my fair share of three-buck vino as well as the fancy stuff and have found that wine always tastes better once it breathes. If you're in a fine dining establishment, they will aerate your wine by pouring it into a crystal decanter. But if you're at home with a bottle of swill and no one around to judge you, put that in the blender and get the job done right quick!

2. Frying Pan Spaghetti
I loathe the process of waiting for a pot of water to boil when you make pasta. The frying pan method is quick and lazy, which equals a win for getting food into my face faster and easier!

1. Storing Pills in Contact Lens Cases
I'm gonna go on record and say that I invented this. God knows I nvever remember to take my contacts out, so the container is always empty and I use it for prescription drugs instead! Storing pills in a tiny plastic baggie makes you look suspicious, and getting one of those Monday-through-Sunday pill organizers is for the olds! Instead, I fill my contact lens case with my legally obtained Xanax, tuck it into my purse or fanny pack and I am off to the races. No public panic attacks for BVP anymore!

Thanks for watching Hack My Life! Be sure to find me, Brooke Van Poppelen, and Kevin Pereira on Twitter. See you next week!