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Adam's Truth Bombs

Adam's Truth Bombs

Adam Conover's been ruining everything from national holidays to delicious snacks with his truth bombs during truTV's biggest shows throughout the spring and summer. Now you can drop some knowledge yourself with all of the facts behind his surprising appearances.


10% of Brain

"Throughout a 24-hour period, we already use 100% of our gray matter, every day."

Boyd, Robynne. "Do People Only Use Ten Percent of Their Brains?" Scientific American. Nature America, Inc. 7 Feb 2008. Web.  


"...Chimps in the Gombe use sticks to 'fish' for termites"

Bijal, Trivedi. "Chimps Shown Using Not Just a Tool but a 'Tool Kit'."  National Geographic. National Geographic Partners. 6 Oct 2004. Web.

"...Dolphins pick up sea sponges and carry them around in their beak, probably to protect themselves while they search for fish on the sea floor."

Garber, Megan. "These Dolphins Are Using Sea Sponges As Tools." The Atlantic. Atlantic Media Company. 24 Apr 2014. Web.

"... [Bears have been] observed using rock as a natural loofah to scrub off old molting fur"

Marshall, Michael. "Wild bear uses a stone to exfoliate." New Scientist. Reed Business Information, Ltd. 5 Mar 2012.

Apple Pie

"As the saying goes there's nothing as American as apple pie. Although the British ate it first."

Mayer, Laura. "A Brief History of Pie." Time. Time, Inc. 26 Nov 2008. Web.


"...fruity drinks were popularized during the prohibition, 'cuz people still wanted to drink, but the booze available was terrible. Bartenders 'hacked' it by adding sweet mixers to hide the foul tasting swill."

Lerner, Michael. "Unintended Consequences." PBS Online. Public Broadcasting Service. 2 Oct 2011. Web.

Cake Mix

"When early cake mixes didn't sell, a PR guy had them reformulated to require an egg. He said women subconsciously wanted to offer up their own 'egg' to their husbands." 

Stevens, Dana. "On Every Box of Cake Mix, Evidence of Freud's Theories." The New York Times. The New York Times Company, 12 Aug 2005. Web.


"Entrapment laws are very loose. Cops are allowed to do basically anything to catch illegal activity, they just can't be the one to actually come up with the crime."

 Johnson, Jennifer. "Law Enforcement by Defeat? Entrapment and Due Process." Foundation for Economic Education. 01 Nov 1996. Web.

Floral Networks 

"[Floral] networks charge high fees, and the local guy still has to cover the costs of materials, labor, and delivery. After expenses, they can end up losing money on every sale."  

Pagliery, Jose. "Florists now dread Valentine's Day." CNNMoney (New York). Turner Broadcasting System (Time Warner). 14 Feb 2013. Web.

Fortune Cookies 

"[Fortune cookies] originated in Japan, and became associated with Chinese food in America around World War 2." 

Rhodes, Jesse. "Cracking Open the History of Fortune Cookies." Smithsonian Magazine. Smithsonian Institution, 02 Feb 2011. Web.

IQ Tests

"...IQ scores are going up, which means we're actually getting smarter."

Kreme, William. "Are humans getting cleverer?" BBC Magazine. British Broadcasting Corporation, 02 Mar 2015. Web.


"...the great outdoors is just a sexy nightclub for single bugs. They get their bros together, go out, and flash their lights to attract a hook up. And they have to do it quickly, because on average, lightning bugs live only 21 days." 

"Synchronous Fireflies" National Park Service Online.

Mother's Day

 "[Anna Jarvis, the founder of Mother's Day] was horrified when greeting card companies started using the holiday to guilt people into spending money." 

Russell, Nicole. "The Inventor of Mother's Day Disowned the Holiday, and So Should We All." The Atlantic. Atlantic Media Company, 11 May 2013. Web.

NYC Green

 "...per capita, cities are way greener than the suburbs, and in 2015, one study found New York to be the "Greenest City in America, largely due to public transportation."

 "2015's Greenest Cities In America." WalletHub Online. Evolution Finance, Inc. Web.


"We think of pizza as Italian, but its roots are all over. Hearth breads come from Neolithic times, tomatoes from the Americas, and the word "pizza" from the Greek 'pitta.'"           

"The modern pizza was created in Naples in 1889, when Raffaele Esposito cooked one with tomatoes, mozzarella and basil on top to mirror the colors of the Italian flag." 

Perry, Charles. "A Stone Age Snack." Los Angeles Times. Tribune Company, 20 Jun 1991. Web.


 "...interacting with contaminants makes the 'chlorine smell.' So the stronger it is, the more sweat, pee and poop particles are floating around."

 "Healthy Swimming: Chemical Irritants (Chloramines) & Indoor Pool Air Quality." Center for Disease Control Online.

NYC Rats

 "...a man named W.R. Boelter guessed that there was one rat for every person - in England. The actual number in New York is around 2 million, 1 rat for every 4 people."  

Mosendz, Polly. "New York Dosen't Have More Rats Than People After All." Newsweek. Newsweek, LLC. 06 Nov 2014. Web.

Shooting Stars

"...astronaut poo is stored and released into space, where it burns up during re-entry to our atmosphere."

Feltman, Rachel. "NASA reminds us that astronaut poop burns up 'like shooting stars'" The Washington Post. Nash Holdings, LLC. 15 Sept 2015. Web.


"Squashing your internal organs the way a compression garment does might cause serious health implications. And nobody looks sexy with a bladder infection, contact dermatitis, maybe a blood clot, possibly incontinence…"

Sohn, Emily. "Shapewear comes with risks if worn for too long." Los Angeles Times. Tribune Company. 17 Apr 2015. Web.

The Brain (Magic)

"Magicians are able to do tricks because they're so fast, right? Actually, it's because your brain is so slow."

Romm, Cari. "This Is Your Brain on Magic."The Atlantic. Atlantic Media Company, 13 Feb 2015. Web.


"...a vomitorium is actually just an entryway into a theatre or amphitheater."

Butler, Nicole. "Vomitoriums: Fact or Fiction?" History Channel Online. A&E Networks. 20 Nov 2012. Web.


"Earthworms have a distinct head and tail. The head might be able to regrow a tail, but the tail's definitely going to die."

Castro, Joseph. "Will Two Worms Grow from a Worm Cut in Half?" Live Science Online. TechMediaNetworks, Inc. 24 Jul 2013. Web.


"July is the most dangerous month to be in the hospital because that's when newly graduated doctors hit the scene."

Rice, Sabriya. "Are Hospitals Deadlier in July?" CNN. Turner Broadcast Newtork (TimeWarner). 8 Jul 2010. Web.