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Adam Ruins America

Adam Ruins America

In this episode, Adam lets his freedom flag fly by examining why America doesn't have higher rates of social mobility. He then uncovers the flaws within our constitution and examines our country's progression and regression.


"Right now, 43.1 million Americans are living in poverty.”

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“In a ranking of 24 countries, we were SIXTEENTH!”

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“From 1940 to 1980, the statistical odds of out-earning your parents PLUMMETED.”

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"Because being poor is actually INCREDIBLY expensive!"

“It’s expensive to be poor.” The Economist, 3 Sep 2015.

“Buying in bulk isn’t AFFORDABLE on a lower income.”

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“Up to 70% of the Average American’s income goes to food, housing, and transportation.”

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“Financial institutions require that you HAVE money and good credit in the FIRST place!”

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“Right now, 46% of Americans say they wouldn’t have enough money to cover a surprise $400 bill.”

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“A survey found 70% of Americans believe poor people can make it out of poverty on their own.”

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“The richest THREE Americans have more wealth than the poorest 160 million COMBINED!”

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" free public colleges."

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"Ah, yes, Americans treat the Constitution like it’s an almost RELIGIOUS moral authority, guiding our nation."

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“ the arc of the covenant, too sacred to be touched!”

Thomas Jefferson. Letter to Samuel Kercheval, 12 Jul 1816.

“...unilaterally discard the entire system of government”

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“They added the SENATE, where each state is guaranteed TWO Senators -- no matter its size!”

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“The Founding Fathers deliberately gave slave states EXTRA political power, and PROTECTED the institution of slavery”

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“...except our Constitution is the hardest to amend in the WORLD.”

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“That means it’s possible for less than 5% of the country to thwart the will of the entire NATION!”

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“Maybe that’s why we haven’t been able to ratify an amendment in the last QUARTER CENTURY!”

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“France changes their Constitution every two years, Germany does it every YEAR”

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“Georgia has COMPLETELY REWRITTEN their state constitution TEN TIMES.”

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“Thomas Jefferson thought the Louisiana Purchase was unconstitutional.”

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“Just years before, the entire economy was built on the backs of four million people enslaved as property.”

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“In 1857, the Supreme Court ruled that no black person, even if free, could become a US citizen.”

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“The 13th, 14th, and 15th amendments were ratified, freeing the slaves and promising new rights.”

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“...and THOUSANDS became politicians.”

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“By 1875, there were even eight Black Americans in CONGRESS.”

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“...and MASSACRED more American citizens than Al Qaeda and ISIS COMBINED.”

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“In 1871, nine counties in South Carolina were even placed under MARTIAL LAW.”

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“So in 1877, the troops were withdrawn.”

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“...passing racist statutes like “vagrancy laws” that made it ILLEGAL not to work.”

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“...out of all relation to their intelligence or property.”

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“...uncouth Black men taking power in Southern States during Reconstruction.”

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“...and Reconstruction was a DISASTER.”

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“2013 Supreme Court decision to GUT the Voting Rights Act all make it easier for state and local government to SUPPRESS the voting rights of Americans of color.”

Dana Liebelson. “The Supreme Court Gutted the Voting Rights Act. What Happened Next in These 8 States Will Not Shock You.” Mother Jones, 8 Apr 2014.

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