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Webisode 1: Registration/Keg Push
Jesse James Dupree is looking for America’s Ultimate Biker and he’s holding a no-holds barred motorcycle showdown. The winner gets the keys to Jesse’s brand new Harley Davidson. After selecting the competitors, Jesse narrows the field with the keg push challenge and then saves two lucky eggs with a reprieve.
Webisode 2: Don’t Be Caught Dead in my Bed
With the field down to eight motorcycle madmen, Jesse ups the ante with a down-and-dirty obstacle course that will make your old lady blush. The winners get the glory and the losers go head-to-head in the messiest spaghetti eating contest this side of Atlantic.
Webisode 3: Slow Crawl
Every great biker needs a good sense of balance and Jesse puts that skill to the test with the slow crawl. In this biker game, the first biker to cross the finish line…loses! The bottom three fight for their lives by trying to stick a “pole” in the “hole.”
Webisode 4: The Wienie Bite
With only four contestants left, it’s time to have a little fun with another classic biker game, the wienie bite. The riders need perfect timing as they steer towards a dangling hotdog while a girl in back tries to take a big bite. And this time, the smallest wiener loses.
Webisode 5: Race to the Finish
Time to find out who’s the champ and who’s the chump! The final two contestants take a wild ride with Jesse, starting at Crazy Horse monument and ending up back at the Full Throttle. The winner is crowned America’s Ultimate Biker!
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