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urban living

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Gas Attendant Flip-Out on Video

After not pumping his own gas, the driver tries to leave. The unassuming gas attendant pays for the driver's stupidity.

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Guys Flash Knives to Scare Repo Agents by Operation Repo on Video

Some guys bring out their knives when repossession agents come for their ride.

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Muay Thai Tow on Video

A cage fighter decides he doesn't want his car towed.

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Lost and Found on Video

Surveillance officers lose track of the suspect and Bait Car.

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Barely Conscious Getaway on Video

The suspect is so dazed, he starts driving on people's lawns.

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Brawl Breaks Out Over Bank Owned Car by Operation Repo on Video

Matt, Lou and Froy get welcomed into a shady neighborhood filled with an unruly gang ready to fight over a repossession.

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Letting It All Hang Out on Video

An obese man attempts to jump through his car window after he learns his car is about to be towed.

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Bikers Mowed Down Video - Top 20 Most Shocking on on Video

At a rally in Brazil an impatient driver looses his cool and runs over many bikers.

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The Bag is for Sale, but the Insults are Free on Video

A woman gets ugly after Ashley refuses to offer more money on a stained, outdated bag.

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Smart Car Dumb Owners Video - All Worked Up on on Video

Ron and Bobby confront a "pitbull" before repossessing his Smart Car.

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