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unusual hobbies

Results 51 - 60 of about 79 for unusual hobbies.
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Helicopter Haggle on Video

A hobbyist brings two remote control helicopters to sell and takes them for a spin.

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Sex Book & Meat Cleaver on Video

An entrepreneur attempts to sell a sex book and a meat cleaver to raise some venture capitol.

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Cash 4 Critters on Video

A woman wants to pawn her pets in hopes of raising funds to expand her reptile raising business

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These Little Piggies on Video

A newly converted Muslim says her husband insists she get rid of her plastic porky friends. Who smells bacon?

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Haunted Helmet on Video

Bringing a magic lamp into the shop might not grant any wishes but could bring a death in the family.

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Guru Scams Rich Couple Out of Payments on Video

Sonia's realistic outlook collides with the mumbling nonsense of a hippie guru. Peace, love, and repossession!

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Little People, Big Rally on Video

Anticipating tonight's performance by Marshall Tucker, midget wrestling seems appropriate daytime entertainment.

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Lose Your Illusion Video - truTV Presents: World's Dumbest on on Video

Hopefully, "Magic" and "Improvisation" will be removed from the Special Skills section of his head shot.

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Just Beat It on Video

During a repo, the crew finds themselves being thrown back in time. Is it back to the future for the King Of Pop?

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Roleplayers Can't Handle Real World by Operation Repo on Video

Matt and Froy go after a medieval wizard's noble hybrid.

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