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unusual hobbies

Results 41 - 50 of about 79 for unusual hobbies.
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Come At Me, Brah! on Video

A martial artist shows Seth some moves.

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Hardcore Pawn Promo on Video

The hit show is back for a second season, tune in every Tuesday at 10.

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Alien Radio on Video

A man wants to pawn a DVD player he uses to communicate with extraterrestrials.

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Zoo Safety Cosplay Video - truTV Presents: World's Dumbest on on Video

This Japanese zoo runs a safety drill designed for preparedness during a furry attack.

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How to Become a Human Cannonball on Video

Jesse practices his life-long dream of being shot out of a cannon.

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The Most Dangerous Game Video - Southern Fried Stings on on Video

Jay investigates a trespassing complaint only to find a bizarre hunting game involving bikini-clad babes.

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Catch and Release Video - Southern Fried Stings on on Video

A tussle ensues when confronting the "Bambi Hunters," but the owner decides not to press charges.

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Little People, Big Money Video - Full Throttle Saloon on on Video

Angie demands a private chat with Michael when she finds out how much he's paying the tiny wrestlers.

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The Chicken Bandit on Video

Jay and England find out a guy in a chicken suit is up to much more than selling wings.

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What A Drag on Video

Two guys are dressed in drag try and argue with the Operation Repo guys. You can imagine the hilarity!

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