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under the influence

Results 101 - 110 of about 267 for under the influence.
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Underage Blunder Video - Party Heat on on Video

A careless mistake costs this young man his day of fun in the sun.

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The Night Before on Video

With the Rally beginning the next day, it's hard partying at the Full Throttle Saloon, workers and patrons alike.

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Full Throttle Dental on Video

The benefits package at the Full Throttle Saloon is not only comprehensive, but there's no wait at all!

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Bathroom Stall Four-way Video - on on Video

Two girls, one stall. Oh, and two other guys, too. According to one girl, they're homies - but she's the only one left for security guards after her homies leave her.

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Brittany Tears Video - Full Throttle Saloon on on Video

Former bartender comes at Angie with senseless demands, and throws a hissy fit when things don't go her way.

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The Drunk Test Video - on on Video

Here's a simple test the medical staff at Rehab administers to determine if you're too drunk to stay at the party. These responses shock and amuse Sharon and her staff.

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Ab Fab Video - on on Video

Amanda tries to help out on of her patrons with his physique. After she's done, his cabana id filled with girls and she is convinced The Miracle Worker has struck again.

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Chick Fight Video - on on Video

Sharon gets into the DJ booth and spots a conflict amongst the classy ladies of Rehab.

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Euro Trashed Video - World's Dumbest on on Video

This drunken Dane swerves down the road on his moped, nearly getting run over by a passing semi truck. When cops finally pull him over, he falls - and can't get up.

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Drunk Down Under Video - World's Dumbest on on Video

A drunk Aussie entertains two mates with his "ability" to walk, stand, and take down fences.

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