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under the influence

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Cash for the Captain Video - Party Heat on on Video

A drunk kindergarten teacher snitches on a man trading cash for rides.

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Can It Video - Party Heat on on Video

Waterborne litterbugs get a choice: pick up 20 cans or pay a hefty fine.

Las Vegas Jailhouse: Season 2 Episodes

Party Heat

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Catch The Groper on Video

The Full Throttle Saloon security team is on the hunt for a guy groping the bartenders.

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Boys Do Cry Video - Party Heat on on Video

Another dead giveaway that helps cops spot underage drinkers - crying like a little girl.

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Underage Flashing Video - Party Heat on on Video

If you are trying to drink while underage, remember to not attract attention to yourself by flashing your boobs. Girls just want to have fun!

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Resistance is Hostile Video - Party Heat on on Video

What not to do when resisting arrest in a tie-dye bikini. And this includes walking away from a police officer!

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Opening Night Disappointment on Video

Opening night falls short with a disappointing turnout and Michael's concerns grow.

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Look, But Don't Touch on Video

Keep your hands to yourself while at Full Throttle Saloon, unless you want to be thrown out!

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