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Results 81 - 90 of about 126 for tough.
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Ants in Gerald's Pants on Video

While drilling on a site for Black Gold Gerald the roughneck his site becomes infested with red ants.

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Lena Fails at Hamburgers on Video

EXTRA: Ma desperately tries to teach Lena how to cook burgers. Don't forget to use a spatula!

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It's Tough to be the Queen on Video

EXTRA: Go behind-the-scenes with Ma to see how she got started at Stroker's and what makes her tick.

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Wholesome Girls Only on Video

These are definitely not the girls Ma wants in the next Stroker's bikini contest.

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Let It Blow Video - Black Gold on on Video

EXTRA - The roughnecks hit an air pocket, and Ben talks about how to deal with it.

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Military Intelligence Video - Top 20 Most Shocking on on Video

Sometimes being all that you can be just isn't enough.

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Cheston Takes a Stand on Video

Black Gold's Cheston is on the bottom of the totem pole and makes a drastic move to win respect. Does it work or fail?

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Oil Field Drama Video - Black Gold on on Video

Black Gold's Cheston and Brandon air out their feelings as oil field drama unfolds.

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BLACK GOLD Sneak Peek on Video

In the new season of Black Gold the crew is up against some new challenges that you have to see!

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Bro vs. Bro Video - Operation Repo on on Video

Matt faces off against his lookalike in a showdown over a pickup truck at a local bar.

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