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Results 71 - 80 of about 126 for tough.
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Ben Lays It Down Video - Black Gold on on Video

Ben takes his promotion to driller seriously, and lays down a set of ground rules for his hands.

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Ace In The Hole on Video

Ma's old flame, Ace, shows up to woo her with special brownies to Rick's dismay.

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Carry the Water on Video

Cheston complains about having to carry a container of water for the other Black Gold hands, Freddie sets him straight.

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On The Prowl Video - Black Gold on on Video

Freddie is on the look-out to promote one of the guys to Driller, and it's down to Brandon, Ben, and Josh.

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Peggy Wants Payback Video - Black Gold on on Video

Peggy demands Freddie find the roughneck responsible for damaging a fence.

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Security Gets in a Cursing Match with an Unruly Customer on Video

Les and Seth are disappointed at the performance of one of their security staff.

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We Need a Leader on Video

Les and Seth talk to their security staff about someone stepping up and taking more responsibility.

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Lena Drop the Ball and More on Video

Given even the simplest task, clumsy Lena will make a mess of things.

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Rick's Custom Cars on Video

EXTRA: Rick gives us an exclusive tour of his showroom filled with custom vintage cars and toys.

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Family Behind the Baddest Biker Bar in Texas on Video

Meet Stroker's Dallas owner Rick Fairless and his outspoken Ma, who's tougher than nails.

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