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Let Bygones Be Bygones Video - Black Gold on on Video

Tank returns with words for Cheston, but the two end up yelling at each other.

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Knocked Out! by Black Gold on Video

Tank got mad at Cheston for horsing around and sucker punches him. That's the last thing he remembers.

Black Gold: Season 1 Episodes

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The Company Man Video - Black Gold on on Video

Freddy gets a visit from a Big Dog company man who tells him that there are personnel changes in the air.

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Micro-Managing With Freddy on Video

Freddy rides his crew hard, and Cheston and Brandon bear the brunt of it as Freddy micromanages the crew.

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Tank Will Be Tank Video - Black Gold on on Video

Tank gets called in to work on a relief crew, and may never be called back again.

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Monster Truck Repo on Video

While attempting to repo a Porsche at a monster truck event, Froy has a close encounter with this Bigfoot wannabe.

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Fun With The Worm on Video

The Black Gold guys play a prank on the Jordan new guy, by asking to wade in a dirty run-off pool for their amusement.

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Angry Donkey Lady on Video

Gerald from Black Gold goes to get some water from a neighbor's yard and runs into a pair of angry protesters.

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Agent Mauled by Bear Trap on Video

A sting uncovers a group of drunks shooting guns in the forest, but one team member gets caught in a bear trap!

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