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Results 41 - 50 of about 126 for tough.
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Matt The Protector Video - Operation Repo on on Video

When an irate baseball player comes at Lou with a bat, Matt's protective instincts take over.

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truTV Is Back on the Job on Video

All Worked Up - Every week on truTV.

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Just A Scratch Video - Top 20 Most Shocking on on Video

This security guard doesn't let a loaded gun at point blank range stop him from doing his duty.

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And Stay Out! by All Worked Up on Video

Byran tries to serve some papers to an irate bar owner and is promptly show the door.

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Recreating Oswald Video - Conspiracy Theory on on Video

Jesse puts his Expert Marksman rating to the test by attempting to recreate Oswald's alleged rate of fire.

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Just A Flesh Wound Video - Black Gold on on Video

Oscar gets a deep cut on his hand when a worm doesn't lift the tongs high enough.

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Canned Worm Video - Black Gold on on Video

Freddy spends the day watching a new guy and tells him that it's his last.

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Southern Fried Stings Promo on Video

Watch as former State Trooper Jay Russell and his team take on tough and bizarre cases.

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Safety First Video - Black Gold on on Video

The roughnecks are reminded of the importance of safety when a rookie gets hit in the eye with a chain.

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No Country For Old Roughnecks Video - Black Gold on on Video

Gerald runs into another irate landowner that tells him to stop drilling.

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