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the pizarros

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Episode 803 Video - Operation Repo on on Video

First, it's payback time when Lou, Matt, and Froy stake out the baseball bus that got away - and this time, they've got a foolproof plan. Then, Lou, Matt, and Froy head to a late-night construction site to repossess an enormous crane. And, Sonia and Froy face their worst nightmare when a gang of bikers follows them back to the office.

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Sonia The Scrapper Video - Operation Repo on on Video

Does Sonia's aggressive nature instigate conflict during the team's repo assignments?

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Matt The Protector Video - Operation Repo on on Video

When an irate baseball player comes at Lou with a bat, Matt's protective instincts take over.

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Froy The Wise Video - Operation Repo on on Video

Froy's been around the block when it comes to confronting people carrying paint.

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Always Be Prepared Video - Operation Repo on on Video

Luis always comes prepared, no matter what tricks are thrown at him!

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An Act Of Mercy Video - Operation Repo on on Video

Luis takes pity on this poor guy surrounded by shrill women.

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Fireworks In Progress Video - Operation Repo on on Video

Froy and Matt are ambushed with illegal fireworks, and must call Luis for help.

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Top 10 Most Outrageous Moments on Video

A look back at some of the best and outrageous moments from Operation Repo.

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The Return of OPERATION REPO on Video

Operation Repo is back in the most outrageous season yet. Premieres Wednesday, January 26th at 9PM on truTV.

Operation Repo on

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