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the pizarros

Results 91 - 100 of about 141 for the pizarros.
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Big Dudes Throw Punches at Repo Agent on Video

Just as they arrive at the party, a nasty group of boneheads attack Matt as the team tries to repossess their truck.

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Guru Scams Rich Couple Out of Payments on Video

Sonia's realistic outlook collides with the mumbling nonsense of a hippie guru. Peace, love, and repossession!

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Fashion Faux-lice on Video

Our heroes find themselves in a repo confrontation with a couple of fashion snobs.

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High Roller Embarrassed in Front of Everyone on Video

A dimwit who thinks he's a big shot turns out to be just small potatoes when his car gets repossessed.

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Crooks Fight Over Stolen Merchandise by Operation Repo on Video

A couple guys think they're busted for stealing electronic equipment, but Froy and Lyndah just want their van.

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Sneak Peek: Episode #8 Video - on on Video

In the most outrageous crossover ever, the Operation Repo crew takes possession of a cabana. Also: More VIPs out of control and Matt gets a taste of his own medicine.

Operation Repo on

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Operation Too Preoccupied on Video

Using one of their own repos as bait to try and catch a crooked repo man, the team sees the whole plan backfire.

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Overexposed and Burned on Video

Matt and Sonia repo a tanning bed from an agreeable owner, despite the rantings of an angry, mostly-nude customer.

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Doctor is Repeat Offender by Operation Repo on Video

Sonia confronts a belligerent doc who's past his prime, committing a crime, and about to do some well-deserved time.

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