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Results 31 - 40 of about 64 for teens.
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Zero To Grounded Video - World's Dumbest on on Video

If your dad is cool enough to let you sit in the driver's seat with the keys to his new sports car, don't crash it into the garage.

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Dude, Where's My Deposit? Video - Operation Repo on on Video

Some renters run into a problem as the boat they rented is taken and they try to get their deposit back on the spot.

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What Could Go Wrong? on Video

This kid learns that you get what you pay for when it comes to zip-lining. Don't try this at home kids!

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Bouncey Bone Break Video - Top 20 Most Shocking on on Video

What is most disturbing about this clip is the nonchalant attitude toward a bone fracture.

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Ruthless & Toothless Video - Top 20 Most Shocking on on Video

Nothing says fun like shooting guns! And who needs teeth when you have guns.

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Kicked in the Head Video - Top 20 Most Shocking on on Video

A Junior High karate performance ends badly with what else? A kick to the head!

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BMX Action Accident Video - World's Dumbest on on Video

Two buddies get more drama than they expected as they try and take BMX action photos that include a house, a roof, and a ramp.

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Youth In Decline Video - World's Dumbest on on Video

From the looks of Mom, this doesn't seem like an isolated incident as the son tries to ride a skateboard while hanging on to the bumper of a car.

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Army Wrong Video - World's Dumbest on on Video

Guy's mom freaks out when she sees an army acceptance letter...that he wrote as an April Fools prank.

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Boys Will Be Fools Video - truTV Presents: World's Dumbest on on Video

Kid gets smashed in the head by a car trunk.

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