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summer fun

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Equal Opportunity Objectification Video - Party Heat on on Video

If there's going to be a Hot Body Contest, let's make sure everyone has something to see.

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Underage Blunder Video - Party Heat on on Video

A careless mistake costs this young man his day of fun in the sun.

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Mother Daughter Catfight Video - Party Heat on on Video

This woman gets into a fight and literally brings her mother into it. So next time you mention *bleep* your mom, watch out because she might be in the crowd!

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Jonna's Farewell Video - on on Video

Jonna finally makes it through the day without any mistakes. Despite finally winning the approval of Amanda, Matt says he will not ask her back for the next season.

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Hang The DJ Video - Rehab on on Video

The DJ puts together a flash mob and gets fired for his creativity.

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The Drunk Test Video - on on Video

Here's a simple test the medical staff at Rehab administers to determine if you're too drunk to stay at the party. These responses shock and amuse Sharon and her staff.

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Ab Fab Video - on on Video

Amanda tries to help out on of her patrons with his physique. After she's done, his cabana id filled with girls and she is convinced The Miracle Worker has struck again.

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Jersey Boor Video - Rehab on on Video

A couple of patrons from the Garden State must take an early leave.

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Sleepytime At Rehab Video - Rehab on on Video

This is what happens when you get caught sleeping at Rehab.

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One For The Team Video - Rehab on on Video

Amanda has a bachelorette party that requests a male server, and she delivers!

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