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summer fun

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Jessica Flies Solo Video - on on Video

With Chantel out sick, Jessica has to man the bar alone and its increasingly frustrated and drink-less patrons aren't making her life any easier.

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Bouncey Bone Break Video - Top 20 Most Shocking on on Video

What is most disturbing about this clip is the nonchalant attitude toward a bone fracture.

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What? Yeah, Ok. Video - Rehab on on Video

The cabana girls do their best impersonations of Lil John. Matt is unimpressed.

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Guest DJ: Lil John Video - Rehab on on Video

Lil John shows up at Rehab to DJ a set for the excited patrons.

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Little Wrestlers, Big Party Video - on on Video

A team of Micro Championship Wrestlers comes to Rehab and cause quite a scene as they make their entrance.

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Paris Comes to Vegas Video - Rehab on on Video

The party really heats up when Paris Hilton arrives at Rehab.

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Little Tolerance for Little People Video - Rehab on on Video

A guest complains about being next to a cabana full of partying little people.

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Giant Inflatable Breasts Attract Attention on Video

The staff sets up a risque float outside the bar.

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Underage and Full of Rage Video - Over the Limit on on Video

In this video clip from Over the Limit a girl is swimming, seething and allegedly sober.

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I Didn't Swim Here on Video

A confused bro winds up on a police boat.

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