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sharon meyers

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A Real Gentleman Video - Rehab on on Video

Gender equality means no matter who you are, you're getting slapped!

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Hang The DJ Video - Rehab on on Video

The DJ puts together a flash mob and gets fired for his creativity.

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Cat Fight Mystery Video - Rehab on on Video

Jake tries to piece together the details following a drunken brawl.

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Turning Twenty Fifth Video - on on Video

An overly intoxicated birthday girl earns points with the staff for at least being a happy, silly, fun drunk. She fails the drunk test but passes the attitude evaluation.

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Do You Know His Name Video - on on Video

Security finds a note left on a hotel door from a one night stand and brings it to Sharon's attention. After a follow up phone call, the author shows her true colors.

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That's A Wrap Video - Rehab on on Video

Jake sets a trap for the Greasy Grabber using plastic wrap.

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A Normal Person Video - on on Video

Sharon gets hit on the head by an unruly patron and lets loose after a couple gets kicked out for getting getting frisky in the pool.

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Snake Alert Video - Rehab on on Video

A snake is spotted in a cabana and Sharon alerts the security staff.

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Paris Comes to Vegas Video - Rehab on on Video

The party really heats up when Paris Hilton arrives at Rehab.

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Goodbye Nurse Video - on on Video

An angry, kicking nurse is escorted off the premises as chick fight breaks out in the upper Cabanas.

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