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Slight Disagreement Video - Black Gold on on Video

Brandon and Cheston get things heated in the upcoming season of Black Gold.

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Monster Truck on Video

Ron and Bobby get down and dirty when they repossess a truck from a mud bogger racer.

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Five Truck Pick-Up Video - Bear Swamp Recovery on on Video

PJ and family take on a dangerous repo of a fleet of huge construction vehicles and PJ wonders if he can pull it off.

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Black Gold Promo Video - Black Gold on on Video

Every week on truTV

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Just A Flesh Wound Video - Black Gold on on Video

Oscar gets a deep cut on his hand when a worm doesn't lift the tongs high enough.

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Canned Worm Video - Black Gold on on Video

Freddy spends the day watching a new guy and tells him that it's his last.

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Cutting Through the Cattle Path by Black Gold on Video

Twist drives through Peggy's property because he's late, and Peggy has a message for him.

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Safety First Video - Black Gold on on Video

The roughnecks are reminded of the importance of safety when a rookie gets hit in the eye with a chain.

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No Country For Old Roughnecks Video - Black Gold on on Video

Gerald runs into another irate landowner that tells him to stop drilling.

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Let Bygones Be Bygones Video - Black Gold on on Video

Tank returns with words for Cheston, but the two end up yelling at each other.

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