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public outbursts

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Broken Circle Of Trust Video - Operation Repo on on Video

Lou capitalizes on a family quarrel to get the job done.

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Disorder in the Court 114 Video - Disorder In The Court on on Video

When legal battles turn physical, Disorder In The Court is there! Watch as experienced pundits guide you through a series of all-real video clips featuring everything from brawls and outbursts inside the halls of justice to wild clips that are often submitted as evidence.

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Calling It Quits on Video

In the midst of a heated discussion, Ashley loses it and calls it quits!

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Communication Breakdown Video - Bait Car on on Video

The circle of trust is broken, and this man expresses his displeasure.

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All Worked Up 104 Video - All Worked Up on on Video

Whether it is serving subpoenas, parking violations, or towing cars, there is never a dull moment in this half-hour of non-stop action.

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Crazy Cash Video - Hardcore Pawn on on Video

It's close encounters of the strange kind when Les is presented with an item that's alleged to communicate with aliens. Then, Seth squares off with a customer who flips out when she can't get her earrings out of pawn. Plus, an ex-adult film star brings in a big box of his biggest hits to the shop. And, Ashley is reduced to tears when she and Seth trade blows over a lost sale.

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Episode 804 Video - Operation Repo on on Video

First, Sonia and Matt have an unpleasant confrontation with a group of skateboarding ruffians who don't want to give up their car. Then, Froy and Sonia try to take a vehicle from the world's most volatile couple. Plus, Lou and Froy wind up in unknown territory when they take an order to repossess from a squad of wannabe backyard wrestlers.

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Get Off My Pills! Video - truTV Presents: World's Dumbest on on Video

This elderly gentleman does not appreciate having to explain his prescription benefits to anyone.

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Team Assembled Video - Operation Repo on on Video

With Matt and Froy back, the team operates like clockwork.

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Bad Case Of Mamitis Video - Operation Repo on on Video

Matt goes from big man to little boy when confronted by his mom.

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