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public outbursts

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Sumo Betta Blues Video - Operation Repo on on Video

Lou has his hands full when a vehicle owner challenges him to a sumo match.

Hardcore Pawn: Interview with Les on

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Kiss It! on Video

After a failed negotiation, this woman has a special message for Les.

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Imaginary Friendship Video - Hardcore Pawn on on Video

Les brings in his imaginary salesperson to assist with a customer with an overactive imagination.

South Beach Tow

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Don't Mess With Les on Video

Les goes toe to toe with a young hooligan and shows him who's boss.

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Highly Intoxicated Video - Police POV on on Video

One suspect tries to resist arrest, but he learns the hard way that it doesn't take much to be tazed.

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Best In Tow on Video

The best in tow are bigger, better, and louder than ever on a new season of Operation Repo.

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Friendly Scam Video - Operation Repo on on Video

This guy asked his friends to chip in on car payments, but has been pocketing the money instead.

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Two Wives, One Chump Video - Operation Repo on on Video

This poor guy is proof that two wives are not better than one.

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