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public outbursts

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Pretty Boy Punch Out on Video

The new employee decides she doesn't like a beach boy's attitude.

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Teens Harass Animal Hospital Owner on Video

When an animal hospital complains about scooters parked in the front of their office, some teens test Robert's patience.

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Tipped-Off and Ticked-Off on Video

Another repo man is tipped-off to Robert's tow and tries to take it from him.

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Jilted Wrestler on Video

When an ex-tag team partner shows up in the audience, security has its hands full with a vengeful, angry wrestler!

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Locked Up Luggage on Video

Taxi Cab passenger curses out Rob after learning his luggage is locked away.

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Jet Ski Drive-By on Video

A man on a personal watercraft pulls a gun on Rob and Eddie.

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The Bag is for Sale, but the Insults are Free on Video

A woman gets ugly after Ashley refuses to offer more money on a stained, outdated bag.

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Smart Car Dumb Owners Video - All Worked Up on on Video

Ron and Bobby confront a "pitbull" before repossessing his Smart Car.

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Lori's Got Your Back Video - Storage Hunters on on Video

Lori stands up for a fellow bidder when Ragin' Cajun forgets his manners.

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Cabbage Patch Punk on Video

Man tries to pawn a cabbage patch doll that looks exactly like him.

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