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party people

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Guest DJ: Lil John Video - Rehab on on Video

Lil John shows up at Rehab to DJ a set for the excited patrons.

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Little Wrestlers, Big Party Video - on on Video

A team of Micro Championship Wrestlers comes to Rehab and cause quite a scene as they make their entrance.

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Paris Comes to Vegas Video - Rehab on on Video

The party really heats up when Paris Hilton arrives at Rehab.

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Ninja Mode Video - on on Video

A bartender goes on the offensive to stop a sneaky bottle thief as he grabs a bottle of Patron and takes off.

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Little Tolerance for Little People Video - Rehab on on Video

A guest complains about being next to a cabana full of partying little people.

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Goodbye Nurse Video - on on Video

An angry, kicking nurse is escorted off the premises as chick fight breaks out in the upper Cabanas.

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Pint-Size Pileup Video - Rehab on on Video

One guy doesn't stand a chance against a group of mini wrestlers.

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Family Behind the Baddest Biker Bar in Texas on Video

Meet Stroker's Dallas owner Rick Fairless and his outspoken Ma, who's tougher than nails.

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Ladies Love a Chocolate Pool on Video

Don't worry about your tiny cake, if you have a pool full of chocolate and a bunch of enthusiastic girls.

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Where the Sun Don't Shine Video - Rehab on on Video

A guest turns out to be a party pooper, literally.

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