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party people

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Holy Matrimony Video - Rehab on on Video

Witness the celebration of a marriage of convenience.

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Turning Twenty Fifth Video - on on Video

An overly intoxicated birthday girl earns points with the staff for at least being a happy, silly, fun drunk. She fails the drunk test but passes the attitude evaluation.

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Cabana Grabber Video - on on Video

Amanda thinks Jonna can't handle a cabana so she takes it from her. The ultimate goal is to keep the customer happy.

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Bachelor Party List Video - Rehab on on Video

Jonna serves a bachelor party that has a list of things they want to get done while partying at Rehab.

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On Thin Ice Video - Rehab on on Video

Johnna is chewed out for arriving late and forgetting her uniform, again.

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Do You Know His Name Video - on on Video

Security finds a note left on a hotel door from a one night stand and brings it to Sharon's attention. After a follow up phone call, the author shows her true colors.

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Prenuptial Rumble Video - Rehab on on Video

A guy runs into his fiance while he is having his bachelor party at Rehab, a brawl ensues.

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One Born Every Minute Video - Rehab on on Video

Amanda toys with an admirer by getting him to drink a glass of sound.

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Wanna Dance? on Video

Ma might have some moves, but this tiny man is going to break it down.

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Rehab Middle School Video - Rehab on on Video

Matt chews out Amanda for laughing at Johnna's screw-ups instead of helping her out.

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