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Battle of the Booties! Video - truTV Presents: World's Dumbest on on Video

During a booty dance contest a woman takes a fall off the bar!

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Pretty Boy Punch Out on Video

The new employee decides she doesn't like a beach boy's attitude.

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Tipped-Off and Ticked-Off on Video

Another repo man is tipped-off to Robert's tow and tries to take it from him.

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Jet Ski Drive-By on Video

A man on a personal watercraft pulls a gun on Rob and Eddie.

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EXTRA: Bi-Coastal Bryan Video - World's Dumbest Extras on on Video

Bryan has a lot of frequent flyer miles.

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Big Boy Wrasslin' Video - Operation Repo on on Video

Lou unwittingly steps into the ring for a sumo match.

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Sumo Betta Blues Video - Operation Repo on on Video

Lou has his hands full when a vehicle owner challenges him to a sumo match.

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Imaginary Friendship Video - Hardcore Pawn on on Video

Les brings in his imaginary salesperson to assist with a customer with an overactive imagination.

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Episode 107 Video - It Only Hurts When I Laugh! on on Video

Watch hilarious clips of people caught in the craziest predicaments. It's a half hour of the zaniest stunts and dumbest situations ever caught on tape.

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Explosive Find Video - Storage Hunters on on Video

This storage auction provides more bang for the buck than anticipated.

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