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matthew minichino

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Managing The Chaos Video - Rehab on on Video

EXTRA- Matt discusses the chaotic nature of Rehab and how he deals with it in this behind-the-scenes interview.

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Wrong Cups Video - on on Video

Matt gets mad about cups, and they're not double-D's.

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Party Trasher Video - on on Video

With the help of Kenyon, Matt decides to show a Rehab regular that he can't have his cake and eat it too.

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Insecurity Staff Video - on on Video

Sharon and Matt are at it again as a dispute over the actions of one of Sharon's security guards requires intervention from upper management. Watch the drama unfold!

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Job Security Video - Rehab on on Video

Sharon is worried that Matt might be trying to get her fired.

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Sneak Peek: Episode #8 Video - on on Video

In the most outrageous crossover ever, the Operation Repo crew takes possession of a cabana. Also: More VIPs out of control and Matt gets a taste of his own medicine.

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