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les gold

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Ownership Issues on Video

A woman tries to pawn her ex-boyfriend's game console, but Les won't take it.

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No, Bones Daily! on Video

A former adult film actor tries to pawn old film cans of his glory days.

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Scrappy and Stupid on Video

This little guy puts up a good fight to get a better deal, for no apparent reason.

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Hardcore Pawn Promo on Video

The hit show is back for a second season, tune in every Tuesday at 10.

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Alien Radio on Video

A man wants to pawn a DVD player he uses to communicate with extraterrestrials.

Hardcore Pawn: Season 1 Episodes

Hardcore Pawn

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The Next Big Deal on Video

Get ready: Hardcore Pawn returns, December 28th on TruTV.

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Secondhand Whips and Chains on Video

A dominatrix tries to pawn some work-related items, but the tools from her past life are more valuable.

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Sam's Loan Office Shootout on Video

Les shows Seth an old news story about a shootout at Les's father's pawn shop, in which a police office was killed.

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