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les gold

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Know When To Hold 'Em on Video

The Gambler has been pawning his rings for cash and buying them back at American Jewelry and Loan for the last 20 years.

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Highball Gyno Table on Video

Ashley bungles a negotiation by offering too high a price for a used gynecological exam table.

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Elephant Skull Haggle on Video

A man brings in an elephant skull, and Les grabs it for a steal.

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Great With People on Video

Ashley's people skills prevent her from providing proper customer service.

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The Big Guns on Video

When Seth overrules Ashley's negotiating tactics, Les steps in to smooth things out.

Hardcore Pawn Game on

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Why So Irritable? on Video

Ashley helps out a guy who seems to be getting it from all sides.

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Miss Manners on Video

This woman tries Les's patience with her rude tantrums.

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Come At Me, Brah! on Video

A martial artist shows Seth some moves.

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Don't Sell From Emotion on Video

Ashley lets her emotions get in the way of a sales negotiation.

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