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les gold

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When You Gotta Go on Video

There are no public bathrooms in American Jewelry and Loan, and this woman is outraged.

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Hardcore Coin Toss on Video

Les offers a customer the chance to flip a coin to decide a price, and Seth is not amused.

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Flip That Gumball Machine on Video

In a triumph of capitalism, Les buys a gumball machine and sells it for twice as much, before the seller is even paid.

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Lovers' Quarrel Video - Hardcore Pawn on on Video

It is a bad negotiating tactic to smash the items you would like to sell on the asphalt.

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Chimps Up, Schmoes Down on Video

Les uses his intuition to score a pretty profit off of a monkey hair coat.

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Not Good With Rejection on Video

Les gives this woman every opportunity at a fair deal, until she takes a swing at him!

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Trying Times on Video

Times are tough in Detroit, and Les can't help everyone who needs it.

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Grilla Gorilla on Video

This man gets irate when he's told that his custom grill will only get scrap value.

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A Little Something Extra on Video

This guy needs to brush up on his sales negotiation tactics.

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Words Can Hurt: Part II on Video

An altercation with a customer leads to a fight between Les and Ashley.

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