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les gold

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Shut Up and Get Out on Video

An unruly customer gets ejected from the premises because of his rudeness.

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Coming Up on HARDCORE PAWN on Video

Ashley and Seth have a sales competition while Les deals with some irate customers.

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Vintage Spycam on Video

Les checks out an WWII-era spy camera, but is not sure whether he could resell it or not.

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Service With A Steve on Video

Steve has recently moved to the front of the house, but needs to brush up on his people skills.

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I Miss Tricky Dick on Video

This man has been dragged by his wife to pawn off his junk, and he has trouble parting with it.

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Take A Bow on Video

Rich makes a great buy on a compound bow, while making the buyer feel like he's coming out ahead.

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Pulling For You on Video

Les has his patience tried when a customer tries to start up a motor on a remote controlled car.

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Dumb Deal on Video

Seth takes after Les and decides to buy a little something for himself.

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Reel Deal on Video

A vintage film reel from the World Series has piqued Les's interest.

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Furious Woman Hits a Nerve on Video

Les momentarily loses his cool with an irate customer.

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