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les gold

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Most Popular Jewelry on Video

The stars of Hardcore Pawn crack-up as they discuss the most popular jewelry in the store.

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Rookie Mistakes on Video

The stars of Hardcore Pawn discuss their rookie mistakes.

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EXTRA: Dumb Items on Video

The stars of Hardcore Pawn discuss the dumbest items their customers have tried to sell.

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EXTRA: First Deal on Video

The stars of Hardcore Pawn discuss their first deals.

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Playing My Intelligence on Video

A rude customer tries Rich's patience and gets asked to leave the store.

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Old Dog, New Tricks on Video

Les has trouble adjusting to Seth's new internet sales team.

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Idiot Magnet on Video

This man swears that he has not been drinking, even though Rich and Les can smell it on him.

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Ashley Shovels It on Video

Ashley loses the sales competition between her and Seth and has to shovel some snow.

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Bass Is Loaded on Video

A down-on-his-luck bassist gets a break from Rich.

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Easy On The Corn on Video

A woman brings in a piece of gold dental work, with the tooth still attached!

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