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les gold

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No Pawn for Eva Braun on Video

A woman claims to have Hitler's wife's bracelet.

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Haunted Helmet on Video

Bringing a magic lamp into the shop might not grant any wishes but could bring a death in the family.

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Tall Tale Doll Sale on Video

A guy asks too much for a souvenir from a KKK convention.

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Gamblin' Man on Video

A young gambler comes to Hardcore Pawn looking to pawn a rosary and gets a free life lesson with his loan.

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Arguing the Resale Value of Underwear on Video

A customers bargains and begs with Ashley over her underwear.

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Know Your Product on Video

Les demonstrates a negotiating tactic that tells you how well the seller knows her product.

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Gun Shy on Video

Hardcore Pawn's Les discusses getting guns for the staff with Seth and Ashley, and Seth objects.

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The Family That Shoots Together on Video

The Gold clan goes to a firing range, and mom shows that she is an experienced shooter.

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Horsing Around on Video

A seller brings a horse and a donkey to Hardcore Pawn and we aren't talking about toys but the real deal!

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Mini-Cannon on Video

A seller brings a homemade cannon that Les wants to buy for fun, but Seth talks him out of it.

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