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les gold

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A Leg Up on Video

A customer walks in with an accordion, but pawns his ability to walk out instead.

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Helicopter Haggle Video - Hardcore Pawn on on Video

A hobbyist brings two remote control helicopters to sell and takes them for a spin.

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Security Gets in a Cursing Match with an Unruly Customer by Hardcore Pawn on Video

Les and Seth are disappointed at the performance of one of their security staff.

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See You In Court Video - Hardcore Pawn on on Video

An irate woman threatens to sue when she returns for her item and it has been sold.

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Sex Book & Meat Cleaver on Video

An entrepreneur attempts to sell a sex book and a meat cleaver to raise some venture capitol.

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We Need A Leader Video - Hardcore Pawn on on Video

Les and Seth talk to their security staff about someone stepping up and taking more responsibility.

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Cash 4 Critters on Video

A woman wants to pawn her pets in hopes of raising funds to expand her reptile raising business

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Tools of the Trade Video - Hardcore Pawn on on Video

A guy fresh out of jail is looking raise some holiday loot by pawning some power tools. Merry Christmas to all!!!

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These Little Piggies Video - Hardcore Pawn on on Video

A newly converted Muslim says her husband insists she get rid of her plastic porky friends. Who smells bacon?

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No Pawn for Eva Braun Video - Hardcore Pawn on on Video

A woman claims to have Hitler's wife's bracelet.

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