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law and order

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The Rundown on Video

EXTRA: Officers talk about the thrill and the danger involved in chasing a suspect on foot.

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Bad Manners on Video

When cops are called to an alleged domestic violence case, one man learns it doesn't take much to get tazed.

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Confronting Evil on Video

EXTRA: An officer comes face to face with a murderer and rapist.

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Episode 4 Video - Police POV on on Video

Feel the adrenaline rush when Cincinnati's finest engage in a high-speed pursuit of a teenage car thief suspect, an Arkansas man, apparently drunk leads cops on a foot chase through a gang of snarling pit bulls, and a suspected drug addict comes back from the brink of death to give his arresting officers a piece of his mind.

Police POV

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Rob Wear Video - truTV Presents: World's Dumbest on on Video

Rob Delaney presents a special garment with deep pockets.

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P.I. Gets Rounded Up in Drug Bust on Video

Jay uncovers a suspected drug lab, but do the cops know he's one of the good guys?

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Runner Video - Police POV on on Video

A suspect decides to run during a drug raid.

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Stolen Vehicle Video - Police POV on on Video

A driver of a stolen vehicle emerges after some delay.

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Auto-Motive Video - Forensic Files on on Video

A missing woman's search frustrates investigators until a suspect has a slip of the tongue.

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