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law and order

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Vegas Strip

This action-packed drama puts you up close and personal with the tough-as-nails police officers of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department, giving you a never-before-seen look at the wildest street in the world. When you mix cops, party animals and a packed, sizzling Las Vegas Boulevard, the results can be explosive.

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Picking Up The Trail Video - Forensic Files on on Video

DNA evidence from a sexual assault sheds some new light on an unsolved murder.

Vegas Strip

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VEGAS STRIP Sneak Peek on Video

This action packed series takes you behind the scenes and behind various law enforcement agencies in Las Vegas.

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Disorder in the Court 114 Video - Disorder In The Court on on Video

When legal battles turn physical, Disorder In The Court is there! Watch as experienced pundits guide you through a series of all-real video clips featuring everything from brawls and outbursts inside the halls of justice to wild clips that are often submitted as evidence.

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Episode 7 Video - Police POV on on Video

Jump into the fray when Fort Smith, Ark., cops break up a heavily armed gang fight. A group of bumbling would-be car thieves bail on a stolen vehicle, but not before leaving a cache of weapons behind. A college town traffic stop takes a turn for the bizarre when the school's mascot decides to join the party.

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Taking A Dump Truck Video - truTV Presents: World's Dumbest on on Video

A juvenile commandeers a dump truck and leads police on a low-speed chase.

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No Comment Video - Bait Car on on Video

A suspect is given multiple chances to fix his story.

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Ladies' Day Out on Video

Three women decide to take the Bait Car for a spin, unsuccessfully.

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102: Oakland Video - Bait Car on on Video

Using high-tech hidden dashboard cameras and satellite trackers, 'Bait Car' gives us a front row seat to the reactions of suspected car thieves.

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