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jesse ventura

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Vocal Manipulation Video - Conspiracy Theory on on Video

Was the phone call that came from Barbara Olson on American 77 to her husband manufactured?

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Impact Inconsistencies on Video

A NASA engineer that claims that the physical evidence in the Pentagon attack does not resemble a plane crash.

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9/11 Pentagon Conspiracy Video - Conspiracy Theory on on Video

Jesse Ventura digs deep into the mysterious circumstances behind the attack on the Pentagon on 9/11.

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Eyewitness Accounts Video - Conspiracy Theory on on Video

Jesse and his team talk to a survivor and an eyewitness to the Pentagon attack and find some disconcerting details.

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Looking The Other Way Video - Conspiracy Theory on on Video

Gov. Ventura explores evidence that Halliburton was complicit in the failure of the blowout preventer.

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Gulf Disaster Planned? on Video

Jesse speaks to journalists who believe that BP and Halliburton intentionally caused the Deepwater/Horizon disaster.

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Government Complicity in Forced Depopulation on Video

Are the government and oil corporations working together to depopulate the Gulf states and claim the land themselves?

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Dispersant Denial on Video

Despite evidence over the toxicity of Corexit, BP's chemical oil dispersant, BP officials deny that harm is being done.

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The Dead Stream Video - Conspiracy Theory on on Video

Jesse and his team uncover a stream devoid of life that appears to originate from a private "sanctuary" owned by Nestle.

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Alex Jones on Water Dosing on Video

Alex Jones questions whether there is a plan to regulate people's mood and thoughts through chemicals in our water.

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